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ACOUSTIC COVERS... i'm a 1-woman band.

If you're looking for an acoustic musician who can create a big sound, look no further than Rita de Los Angeles. With years of experience performing Acoustic Covers and Unplugged Originals in the Pop, Rock, and Country music genres, I bring a unique and personalized sound to every performance. As a solo musician, I can play cajon, guitar, and sing at the same time to create a sound that is both full and intimate. So whether you're looking for music for your next event, party, winery, or house concert, give me a call and let's make some music together.  Born & raised in L.A., I now perform in Europe year-round, and return to California during the winter season.  

Beach at Sunset


I'm a solo singer/songwriter originally born and raised in Los Angeles, and currently lives near Cologne, Germany. I write and perform guitar-driven songs featuring a mix of rock, pop, and a sprinkle of outlaw country.  


My sound features my dark, smoky voice, but at heart, I am primarily a guitar player who became a singer later in life.  That’s why my guitar work plays a dominant role in my sound – I play everything from steel string acoustic, nylon flamenco, electric guitar and even slide guitar for the more country-flavored songs.  Sometimes I play flamenco-inspired guitar riffs from the South of the Border soundscape where I grew up in Southern California.

My songs are infused with a melting pot of musical influences. I grew up listening to everything from Rock and Pop to the Arabic music my Egyptian parents would listen to on a typical Saturday night.  My mother was proud of becoming a new ‘American citizen,’ so she adored Country music. It was always playing in the car and became the soundtrack of my teenage years.


The lyrics I write are inspired by everyday life… from love to loss, to happiness and grief.  Moments of inspiration come to me from the very experiences I face as a fellow human just making her way under the sun. 


How did I get my stage name, “Rita de Los Angeles?”  My flamenco guitar teacher used to serenade me with flamenco guitar rasqueados and sing, “Rita de Los Angeles is in the house!” each time I entered the room. He did it with great flamenco fire and flair… made me laugh every Saturday morning.  That’s how my stage name was born.

Rita de Los Angeles - Slow Dancing  (Lyric Video)

Rita de Los Angeles - Slow Dancing (Lyric Video)

"Slow Dancing" is now available on all Streaming Platforms. Here's a link if you would like to add it to your playlist: Instead of making a big deal out of your next Friday night, why not stay home and slow dance with the one you love? I hope the song inspires you to remember that there are simple ways to keep love alive. I wrote the song after playing a gig of mostly linedance music all night. At the end, I played a few ballads. It was wonderful to see all of these ‘in love’ couples slow dancing to the songs I was singing. In fact, it was downright sexy. It made me miss my wife who was traveling thousands of miles away. Inspired by all the sexy people on the dance floor, I went home and wrote the lyrics while pining over my wife, who coincidentally does not like to slow dance. I guess you can say, I was fantasizing that she would come home from her trip and slow dance with me on a Friday night. The video features all kinds of 'in love' couples slow dancing. They reflect some of the couples I saw on the very night I was inspired to write the song. It was wonderful to see two women dancing together, younger and mature couples, trans couples, and hetero couples all on the same dance floor in this small town bar out in the countryside. It gave me hope to see that all kinds of different people can slow dance together under one roof. It was like a metaphorical rainbow roof dancing above all of our heads. I hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear your comments. I hope you might even want to get on my email list to find out about my next music releases by visiting:

Rita DE Los Angeles


I have had the privilege to play some of the most iconic tunes in the world, covering everything from classic hits to the newest releases. My repertoire spans across genres, from pop and rock, to country classics and jazz standards. Whether you’re looking for timeless tracks from artists such as Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley or modern hits from the likes of Billie Eilish and Harry Styles, I have something to suit everyone’s taste. I put my passion for music into every performance, and I’m at my happiest when my audience is singing along and having a great time.



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Impressum: Rita aus Los Angeles,, +49 2266 4645633

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